3M Scale Prevention System With Cartridge

SKU Code : AP430SS

Brand: 3M


Specifications :-

  • Inlet / Outlet Unit : 3/4 Inch
  • Function :  Scale Removable Systems
  • Micro Rating : 90% To 95% Reduction In Hardness
  • Flow Rate : For SFT 150 - 2400 LTR Per Hour & For SFT 200 - 3000 Ltr An Hour
  • Solution : Softener For Domestic Home Solution i.e, For Villas, Independent House, Apartments Also.
  • All Units Had Been Installed At The Outlet As Well For Inlet But With 1/2 HP Of Pressure Pump
  • Operation : This Is A Fully Automatic Softner, Wall Is From Clarck Its A USA Brand With Synthetic Rezin From
  • Pudolite With A Warranty Of 7 To 10 Yrs.

Categories: Scale Prevention System

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3M Scale Prevention System With Cartridge
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